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At Corning Life Sciences, we are driving environmental strategies that support our customers. We challenge our manufacturing plants to decrease carbon intensity every day through energy efficiency. We have achieved the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry – which requires a 10% or more decrease in energy intensity in 5 years or less – at least once in over 90% of our manufacturing plants, and we are not done yet!


Renewable Energy at Corning Life Sciences

Renewable Energy at Corning Life Sciences

In 2023, 50% of our global production – encompassing over 3,000 SKUs – is covered by renewable energy through a combination of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from on-site solar, corporate virtual power purchase agreements, Guarantees of Origin, and unbundled REC purchases.

Environmental Stewardship at Life Sciences Technologies

Environmental Stewardship at Life Sciences Technologies


Customers across the Life Sciences industry are making climate initiatives a top priority. We strive to support their efforts by:

  • Challenging our plants to decrease carbon intensity through energy efficiencies every day
  • Maximizing the impact of renewable energy in the medium term through electrification of assets and participation in renewable energy projects
  • Assessing alternative energy to replace natural gas in the longer term
  • Working with vendors, contract manufacturers, and logistics providers to decrease associated emissions within our supply chain


We are committed to the preservation of one of nature’s most precious resources – water. We are working under the corporate umbrella to offset future demand growth through water-use reduction projects in our direct operations today. We challenge ourselves to:

  • Minimize water withdrawal in water stressed regions
  • Introduce alternative solutions to reduce water usage in manufacturing plants
  • Maximize the use of provided water sources
Energy Star Partner of the Year 2023

Energy Star Awards

Corning was recently named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the 10th consecutive year. In addition, for the eighth year in a row, Corning received the ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award.


The two awards recognize Corning’s ongoing efforts to enhance energy efficiency while reducing the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

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Energy Star Challenge for Industry

Challenge for Industry

In 2020, Corning announced that eight more of its global manufacturing facilities have recently reduced energy intensity by an average of 13.2%, meeting or exceeding the goals set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry.


To meet the challenge, industrial sites must each increase energy efficiency by at least 10% in five years or less. 90% of Life Sciences Technologies facilities have achieved ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry Recognition.

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Sustainable Solutions for Greener Labs

Sustainable Solutions for Greener Labs

To protect the environment and reduce the effects of climate change, many scientists have a strong desire to find sustainable solutions for lab equipment and supplies. The amount of waste produced is massive, with one study from the University of Exeter estimating that the 280 scientists in one department generated around 294 tons of plastic waste in a single year.


Corning Life Sciences works to be as sustainable a supplier as possible, and has recently received recognition for this.

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Site Spotlight

Corning Vineland Manufacturing Facility

Corning has hosted one of the world’s largest rooftop solar arrays since it acquired the former Gerresheimer Glass facility in Vineland, New Jersey, now a Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies plant. The panels cover 11 acres atop five buildings.