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To provide customers with a comprehensive, best in class experience, Corning offers an extended 3-year warranty, as well as two installation services plans.

The Corning Lambda EliteMax Semi-automated Benchtop Pipettor comes ready with a variety of services to meet your particular installation and support needs. Content screenings for assays can require a significant amount of time, so ensuring that both system performance and reliability is critical in the deliverance of solutions for purification to compound management. Whether you’re an everyday user or the occasional user, Corning services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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First, determine the best installation services to meet your needs. If full confidence in understanding all capabilities is important and you have several different users, our Premium On-site Installation Services may be best suited. Our field service engineers will come on site to take your operators through all the functions and capabilities of the system, and will provide you with full documentation of system and software checkout.

For laboratories that already have a fair amount of experience using automated liquid handlers, automated pipette, or other automated liquid handling instruments but still have a broad range of users, our Standard Installation Services package may be best. This option will provide the laboratory with full access to all remote training and best practices videos.

Lastly, for the expert liquid handler users, a self-installation of the Corning Lambda EliteMax Benchtop Pipettor may be all that is required.


The Corning Lambda EliteMax Benchtop Pipettor comes with a standard one-year warranty. If there are any issues associated with system quality or workmanship, all repair, parts and shipping costs would be covered by Corning. For expanded security, Extended Warranty plans can be purchased with the system to fully cover the system for up to a total of 3 years.


Throughout the initial warranty period, Corning will provide priority responsiveness in support of the system operation. At the conclusion of the initial warranty period, different annual service plans are available to match your ongoing support requirements. All of our post-warranty annual service plans are designed to both maximize the utility of your Corning Lambda EliteMax automatic liquid handling pipettor and help you avoid unexpected services costs.

Additionally, you can protect your regulatory processes, maintain laboratory productivity, and create peace of mind when it comes to generating results. With each plan, our factory-trained engineers will provide regular preventative maintenance services to ensure that your system and applications run correctly and repeatably throughout the life cycle of your Corning Lambda EliteMax Benchtop Pipettor.

If you prefer not to purchase a plan, the Corning support services can be provided on a pay as you go basis to keep systems up and running and producing quality results.

Post-warranty Annual Service Plans