Annual Service Plans | Corning Lambda EliteMax | Corning

All of our post-warranty annual service plans are designed to both maximize the utility of your Corning Lambda EliteMax Benchtop Pipettor and help you avoid unexpected services costs. Additionally, you can protect your regulatory processes, maintain laboratory productivity, and create peace of mind when it comes to generating results. Our factory-trained engineers will ensure that your system and applications run correctly and repeatably throughout the life cycle of your Corning Lambda EliteMax Benchtop Pipettor.

After your warranty expires, you can maintain confidence in your system’s results through 3 different tiers of annual service plans. The tiers were created to match your ongoing maintenance and performance needs. Here’s a brief highlight of each of them.


When full-service coverage and maximized responsiveness is desired, this plan delivers. With Comprehensive coverage, we come to you and provide services to keep your systems running and producing the critical data needed for your production, quality, or research needs. This plan includes most labor and parts needs.


When your system is not used 24/7 but is critical when it is used, Enhanced coverage delivers the responsiveness to let you rest easy for those important projects. Great discounts are provided for most services within this plan, spanning from on-site repairs to training.


For cost-conscious users that still want to optimize system uptime when required, but do not need the overall timeliness delivered by our top 2 tiers service plans, Essential coverage should suit you. This plan is effectively a pay as needed plan for repairs but includes all necessary preventative maintenance and support.

Annual Service Plans Comparison