Webinar on Demand: rEVolutionizing Acellular Therapies with Corning HYPER Technology

Mini Webinar On Demand

This presentation shares the results of a study of the effects of altering culture conditions and subsequent production of EVs produced from cells grown in the Corning HYPERStack cell culture vessel. This proof-of-concept work is a stepping-stone in exploring Corning bioproduction vessels for enhanced large-scale EV production and a future of possibilities for acellular therapies.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the purpose and relevance of extracellular vesicles (0:45 – 5:58)
  • Examine the challenges of large-scale extracellular vesicle production (5:59 – 10:57)
  • Learn about Corning HYPERStack technology for acellular therapy workflows (10:58 – 14:48)

Presenter: Amy C. Kauffman, Ph.D., Senior Development Engineer, Corning Life Sciences

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