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Corning® Varioptic® Lenses Improve Image Applications

Varioptic Lenses Improve Image Applications

Corning® Varioptic® Lenses Improve Image Applications

Imaging applications keep our world moving forward by performing complex industrial tasks reliably and consistently. Handheld barcode readers, conveyor belts that facilitate manufacturing and supply chain management, and even the tiny yet powerful medical cameras that help doctors and dentists keep patients healthy, utilize advanced imaging applications.

Traditional mechanical solutions are limited in their ability to continuously and reliably deliver sharp images. Corning Varioptic technology offers innovative solutions to these complex industry challenges. Our imaging applications use technology that enables fast focus and micro-focus without moving parts. Traditional camera systems require moving parts which begin to wear down and fail over the lifetime of the device. In comparison, Corning adjustable lens solutions function without the use of mechanically moving parts, eliminating much of the maintenance typically associated with machine vision. 

Corning’s adjustable lenses are formed by trapping two immiscible or non-mixable fluids, picture oil and water, and using the film that forms between the liquids as a workable lens. This liquid interface can then be expanded or contracted through electrical charges, a process called “electrowetting”, which enables industrial devices to quickly and clearly capture images and process information. This revolutionary technology increases lens durability and provides quick, crisp, and reliable performance.

Manufacturers, medical professionals, and technicians can feel confident that Corning Varioptic lenses will function under harsh environments and in any orientation. First introduced in 2002, our adjustable lenses are now integrated into many modern image application devices which support a variety of industries. As medical and industrial imaging applications become more sophisticated, Corning continues to innovate adjustable lenses for improved speed, image quality, and dependability.