The New a-25H-D0

The new A-25H-D0 liquid lens keeps the same clear aperture (2.5mm) but features a wider dynamic range (70D vs. 18D)

Corning® Varioptic® Lenses is excited to announce the newest addition to the A-25H product line, the A-25H-D0 Variable Focus Lens.

The A-25H-D0 was created with Corning’s dedication to the unique specifications and needs of our specific applications in mind. The new liquid lens is based on a similar platform as the A-25HX and features the same clear aperture with three times higher dynamic range. The A-25H-D0 uses adjustable lens technology enabling variable focus with absolutely no moving parts. Its extended dynamic range, low power consumption, high shock resistance, and fast focus ability make it ideal for laser applications or lighting applications, where it will enable variable focus and beam expansion control. The new lens is also suited for very close auto focus or continuous auto focus applications, where it will deliver outstanding performance.

Our A-25H Variable Focus Lens is an excellent fit for low footprint systems requiring fast response time and large focusing range, and is especially suitable for miniature industrial cameras. It provides a fast track to market for product designers who need an easy to integrate, high-performance auto focus solution.

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