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With our life sciences technologies, tools, and innovations in hand, the world’s life science researchers are equipped to develop new, more effective treatments for diseases around the world.

The Life Science Tools to Create Life-Saving Breakthroughs

Life Science Tools

The genomic revolution is driving medicine development into new and innovative areas. Most notably, drug production continues to grow. In addition to the chemically based treatments we’ve always known, we now see a proliferation of highly effective biologic therapies.

Creating these new biological drugs is done through bioproduction, a technique that depends on the production of vast numbers of new cells — sometimes up to a trillion or more. This, in turn, requires highly specialized vessels, surfaces, and media for developing cells under precise conditions.

Ever since we introduced PYREX® glass in 1915, we have been a trusted supplier to the drug discovery business. Our labware helped enable the early production and distribution of such world-changing medicines as penicillin and the polio vaccine. And as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have changed their research focus from high volume, low-margin medicines to rare disease and specialized medicine, we have built a position of global leadership.

Our customers use our innovative life sciences technologies as they develop new treatments for conditions like arthritis and cancer, as well as vaccines for global health threats like the Ebola virus.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Across our broad portfolio of life science technologies and brands, the drug discovery industry recognizes us for our reliability, innovation, and value in both consumable and non-consumable labware.

When it comes to creating cell culture environments, drug researchers find the perfect triple-play in our innovative vessels, specialized surfaces and media. They can save valuable lab space with the precision layers in our advanced, multi-layer vessels. Our advanced surface technologies and media provide an optimal environment needed for fast, healthy cell growth – and ultimately, successful biologic treatment of a wide range of diseases.

Our dedication to quality and technology also helps deliver reliable results for genomics laboratories as they delve into DNA research for new drugs. And because the efficacy of a treatment depends on how it interacts with other drugs and enzymes in the body, we have a full line of products for absorption/administration, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME), as well as in vitro toxicity testing.

Our reputation for quality extends beyond the world of medicines. Researchers in agriculture, the food and beverage industry, and emerging fields like synthetic biology are turning to us for innovative products they can trust.

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