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Corning’s Solutions For Harsh Environments

Harsh Applications Solutions

Harsh Applications Solutions

Oil and Gas

In oil and gas applications, fiber optics provide more bandwidth in a smaller footprint, saving space, weight, and installation time. The monitoring reliability for equipment performance, oil reserve levels, and environmental conditions make fiber optics an attractive option.

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The ability to expand when needed without interrupting the network is critical in manufacturing. Our high-density tip-to-tip solutions support moves, adds, and changes to communications systems efficiently.

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Reliable communication in harsh mining environments is critical to employee safety and for meeting government requirements. Whether your mine is surface, subsurface, mineral, or metal, we have a variety of products that are crush, shock, and temperature resistant.

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Railways, subways, highways, airways, and waterways all benefit from increased bandwidth, decreased footprints, and faster moves, adds, and changes which require less contractor field time. Our products improve safety by better enabling video surveillance and traffic monitoring equipment and by providing real-time data control.

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Energy and Utilities

Fiber optics is playing a large role in the race to expand alternative energy sources. Wind and solar farms recognize the insulation protection fiber offers from high-voltage shocks and the advantages of long haul versus copper, and our products are ideal for this application.

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Product Highlights

Tray-Rated Cables

Independently Tested

Exceeding requirements

Ensuring Performance and Reliability in Your Industrial Network

To ensure our products are suitable for the extreme conditions and rigorous standards found in industrial applications, all of our low-smoke, zero-halogen™ (LSZH™) cables are independently tested to meet or exceed the requirements for tray-rated copper cabling with reliable and rugged performance.

Communications Stability

Eliminate interference and noise

Providing data integrity in rugged environments

Corning’s tray-rated cables provide advantages that not all cabling media can provide.

Our LSZH tray-rated cables are noise free, so no electronic noise can interfere with or disrupt data transmission. Additionally, customers are able to avoid the grounding requirements necessary with copper systems.

The glass in our optical cables is non-conductive, and our cables offer crush and impact resistance without the use of conductive armoring that requires grounding.

Network Usability

Easing installation

Taking your network further with simplified products

Installation of optical cable has continued to become easier, and our LSZH tray-rated cables can be deployed in an industrial network up to 50 percent faster than legacy methods.

In addition, our cables enable much longer cable runs than in copper-based networks; for example, our cables are guaranteed to provide 1 Gigabit Ethernet throughput for at least 1000 meters, so no repeaters or amplifiers are needed.

Thoughtfully Designed

No one-size-fits-all approach

Designed to Meet Your Unique Requirements

Our tray-rated cables were specifically designed for the unique requirements of industrial

This includes a higher fiber count per cable for greater flexibility, one product set for both indoor and outdoor applications to provide a single resource for an entire facility’s needs, multiple cable jacket types created to meet specific needs, and special print to designate a tray-rated product.

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