Corning Augmented Reality Solutions is uniquely positioned to deliver an integrated glass solution including high-index glass with high optical transmission and exceptional flatness, high-throughput metrology expertise, and fully automated laser cutting technology.


  • High transparency
  • Low birefringence
  • High index (index 1.7 and above)
  • High durability
  • Optical quality
  • Low TTV
  • High mechanical stability, stiffness, better geometrical stability


  • Available sizes: 150/200/300mm wafers
  • Thickness ≥ 0.3mm
  • Profoundly flat
  • Anti-reflective coating available

High Index Glass Wafers
Fully integrated supply chain from raw glass melting to wafer-finishing processes

Material                          Dimensions                    Geometry                     Surface

High index glass

(1.7 index and above)

Rounds D150–300mm


≥ 0.3mm thickness

TTV * ≤2µm Bow ≤20µm

Wedge ≤0.1 arcmin

Roughness <2nm


Cosmetic** 40/20

Supported by Tropel® Flatmaster®, a high throughput metrology tool capable of measuring tight geometrical surface attributes accurately and rapidly

* Total thickness variation

** Scratches and digs

For augmented reality applications, Corning’s solutions deliver outstanding field of view, image quality, and definition (sharpness, contrast, and low chromatic aberrations).