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Fast. Flexible. Reliable.

Fast. Flexible. Reliable.

Optimal-performing fibre connections are essential to every thriving FTTx network—but when mechanical or environmental challenges compromise your outdoor fibre cables, Corning Outdoor Pathway Tape helps stabilize and protect your connectivity and network performance.

From closing supply gaps and repairing sudden breakdowns to supporting temporary connections during festivals and outdoor events, Corning Outdoor Pathway Tape can help you take on the unexpected and keep your FTTx network running efficiently. Whether your outdoor cables run along private driveways, across a university campus, or in between buildings, this durable, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape bonds to the surface for more permanent securing and peace of mind.

No matter how you apply it, Corning Outdoor Pathway Tape makes the perfect addition to your fibre optic toolkit so you can always have it ready to install–easy, quickly, and reliably.

As Easy as Pull, Stick, and Tamp…

As Easy as Pull, Stick, and Tamp…

See the Corning Outdoor Pathway Tape in action and discover the possibilities of a stronger, flexible, and more efficient fibre optic surface tape.   

Corning Outdoor Pathway Tape in action
Installed Pathway Tape under normal operating conditions


Image 1:    Pathway Tape rolled out with adhesive side up
Image 2:    Application of the primer along the planned route
Image 3:    Positioning and fixing the Pathway Tape on the road
Image 4:    Pathway Tape after installation
Image 5:    Installed Pathway Tape under normal operating conditions
Image 6:    Pathway Tape installation on a curb

Understanding Outdoor Pathway Tape

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