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Optical Fiber Videos - Loss Matters

Optical Fiber Videos - Loss Matters

Optical Fiber Videos - Loss Matters

Loss Matters

Loss Matters

Corning is the leader in every category of low-loss optical fiber technology. Corning's fibers enable high-purity transmissions over long-haul networks at higher speeds and at a lower cost.

Showcasing 100G Direct Detect PAM4 DCI Solution With Inphi

ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ and Corning SMF-28® ULL optical fiber drive new efficiencies.

Lowering the Cost of Long Reach, High Performance DCI with Coriant and Corning

Corning and Coriant demonstrate 200 Gb/s DCI technology over 300 km of SMF-28® ULL fiber at the 2016 OFC conference.

Fiber Solutions to Address Space Constraints in Access Networks

A webinar detailing the space constraint challenges in the Access networks. These challenges have driven innovative cable designs, enabled by a new class of fiber with a 200µm fiber which have led to smaller, lighter weight products that are easier to install and extend the life of the existing infrastructure.

100-400G for Multi-Terabit Network Scale

A visual demonstration of the flexibility, re-configurability, and versatility of the reduced cost systems, next-generation solution- enabled by Ciena® and Corning.  

Low-Loss Fiber Tutorial

Signal loss is a huge challenge, especially in fiber-to-the-home, access networks, and long-haul networks. Our SMF-28e+® LL fiber makes your broadband go further. Learn more about subscriber coverage, future flexibility, and central office consolidation.

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Why Loss Matters in Optical Networks

An e-Briefing presentation detailing how Corning fibers support the high-speed, high-capacity long-haul, regional, and access telecommunications networks of today and tomorrow.