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CES® 2017

Picture of Health

The ultimate fitness experience – and positive results – become possible through specialty glass

Almost everyone’s made a diet or fitness resolution, only to have willpower quickly wane.

Can glass make it easier to reach those goals?

Many fitness experts are saying yes. It’s all part of the trend toward on-demand content and personal biometrics that have dominated the fitness industry over recent years.

With tough surfaces, brilliant displays, touch capabilities, and virtually limitless bandwidth, glass can instantly connect people with that content. In the process, glass enables new experiences in ways previously thought impossible.

Visitors to Corning’s booth at CES® 2017 saw it all in action.

An 85-inch 4K display with a tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass cover formed the ultimate Fitness Mirror prototype, combining interactive capabilities and seamless connections with wearable fitness devices.

Corning® EAGLE XG® substrates formed the inner working of the display, enabling a thinner, brighter picture.

Show-goers found themselves stretching, jumping, punching along to Beachbody® On Demand workouts. But unlike workouts with conventional videos, Corning’s Fitness Mirror gave instant, customized feedback.

Mirror outlines of each visitor’s body helped perfect each yoga pose, and projected digital floor marks added challenge to the routines. Simultaneously, participants could check their own biometric information as it changed and displayed on the mirror, syncing from a personal wearable device.

The mirror was also a great place to check a nutritious daily menu. In a real-life scenario, the setup could integrate with an app to customize meal planning and record results.

“It creates a two-way experience, going way beyond what you’d get from working out to a DVD in your basement or even the gym.”
- Bill Bradford, Chief Digital Officer, Beachbody® 

CES visitors liked the challenge and the novelty of the immersive experience. But the glass-enabled feedback features make possible a much higher goal. By bringing together on-demand content, real-time biometrics, and personal training – all in one display – the technology can help motivate would-be exercisers to get and stay active.

“It creates a two-way experience, going way beyond what you’d get from working out to a DVD in your basement or even the gym,” said Beachbody Chief Digital Officer, Bill Bradford. Corning collaborated with Beachbody, one of the country’s leading fitness providers, to showcase the immersive experience at CES.

A healthier, more active, more confident lifestyle can be a direct result.

“When you’re immersed in direct, real-time feedback and data, you know exactly how you’re doing. You stay engaged and you enjoy yourself much more,” Bradford said.

And with all that additional reinforcement, he said, “you have a much greater chance of achieving your results.”