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Inspired by Glass

Inspired by Glass: Corning's Connected Car Prototype at CES® 2017

Corning’s Connected Car prototype, debuted at CES® 2017, brings precision glass and the ultimate in connectivity to the driving experience

Corning debuted its vision for a Connected Car console at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, bringing sleek, interactive surfaces into your vehicle. With trends focused on connectivity, social behavior, and the mobile life currently driving the automotive industry, Corning accelerated into the innovative driving experience with a new Connected Car prototype at CES® 2017.

Decked out in the Corning Automotive Group’s latest advanced glass technologies, get a close look at Corning’s Connected Car in this latest segment of “Inspired by Glass.” Host, Maddie Gionet of Corning, is joined by Doug Harshbarger, division vice president and business director for Corning Automotive Glass, to take a trip down the road to connectivity.

“We always try and take an approach where we want to demonstrate our technologies in real use situations to open people’s minds to how they can use them to their best purpose, and we’ve really tried to do that with this car,” said Harshbarger. 

Corning’s Connected Car features exterior glazing technologies on the windshield, sunroof, side windows as well as the back window, all contributing to a safer, cleaner driving experience. Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber is also featured around the headlights as a charging indicator and the rear license plate as a proximity alert.

“We’ve used our Gorilla Glass lightweight glazing on the windshield, roof, back window, and side windows,” said Harshbarger. “All of that allows the car to be lighter, addressing the trend of cleaner and greener cars. Because of the toughness of Gorilla Glass, windows like the windshield are more damage resistant, and better able to withstand rock strike which addresses the safety aspect.”

In the interior, information is at the touch of your fingertips.   On the sleek, free flowing dashboard running the length of the car, as well as on the hovering center console – both featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass as the durable, touch sensitive surface. Thanks to Gorilla Glass’ optical clarity, the driver and passenger can view pertinent driving information on the interior of the windshield through two augmented reality head-up displays.

“We wanted to create an environment that was configurable, rich with displays, something that would allow you to bring your mobile experience right with you when you come into the car,” said Harshbarger. “It’s really changing the concept of the cockpit of the car as well as the surfaces of the car. People want to bring their mobile phone experience right into the vehicle with them and that really changes the game.”

The innovative Connected Car prototype is finally here. With Corning’s advanced glass technologies for the interior and exterior of vehicles, the driving experience is becoming more connected, interactive, and seamless.

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