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CES® 2017

Glass: The Ultimate Game Changer

Glass: The Ultimate Game Changer

Corning pushed boundaries and redefined possibilities at CES® 2017

Change is rapidly unfolding all around us – bringing entirely new ways of collaborating, driving, exercising, and more.

At CES® 2017, Corning invited visitors to immerse in everyday experiences that reflected these powerful trends. And suddenly, simple things seemed anything but ordinary.

And at the center of it all was glass, the ancient material with boundless potential to keep transforming the modern world.

By partnering with other thought leaders and industry innovators, Corning is developing remarkable glass capabilities that are accelerating societal and technological changes - some of which were on display at CES® 2017.

Here’s a glimpse of how Corning is continuing to bring the Glass Age to life.

On the Road

Once we slip into our cars, we expect the same seamless connectivity we get from our mobile devices.  But the surfaces around us need to adapt to this mobile environment. How can drivers stay connected – and also get the driving information they need – while still keeping their eyes on the road?

Fuel efficiency, superior handling performance, and protection from driving hazards are also top concerns of today’s drivers. Designers and engineers are hard at work meeting those demands and more. By 2025, predicts Goldman Sachs, cars will be more green, more convenient, safer, and more affordable.

Shared cars are also a growing phenomenon in cities. Even if they’re just using a vehicle for an hour or a day, drivers still want to customize smart car interiors for controls, entertainment, and specialty services like customer communications

And sleek, beautiful designs are reflecting the high technology of the connected car, too. Interiors that are durable and easy to clean with free-flowing surfaces and glowing light in unexpected places are all part of the preferred aesthetic of today’s driver.

The Glass Answer:

Tough, thin, optically advantaged Corning® Gorilla® Glass for Automotive and other Corning glass innovations are proving their worth in every aspect of car design. CES visitors witnessede a breathtaking Connected Car prototype with glass that enables new levels of performance and aesthetics.

From the front bumper to the tail lights, advanced glass is making driving cleaner and safer -- with an enhanced experience, too.

Staying Fit

The convergence of technology and fitness has never been stronger.

More people than ever are exercising regularly. But they’re not out taking an ordinary walk around the block. They’re wearing monitors, GPS tracking systems, smart watches, and other devices that interconnect with their mobile devices and give them the data they crave. In fact, wearable technology has become a $6 billion industry and is now one of the top trends in the fitness world.

Experts believe the trend has staying power. It fits neatly into the larger “Internet of Things.” One study estimates that 73 million healthcare-related devices were installed during 2016 worldwide – and that number will more than double by 2020.

The Glass Answer:

How can glass play a role in this challenge? In many ways – and Corning's CES® 2017 booth demonstrated how.

Visitors stepped into an immersive fitness experience with a Fitness Mirror prototype. With amazing applications like augmented reality, the mirror can interact with your moves, acting as your own personal trainer and transforming the workout experience. And we didn’t forget about consumers’ data craving – the mirror can seamlessly sync to your wearable for real-time biometric updates.

And when powered by the near-limitless bandwidth of optical fiber, the mirror can become a workout partner, a training coach, a teacher, and a vital statistics monitor.

Connecting and Collaborating

The lines between the virtual and physical worlds are continuing to dissolve – and few scenarios depict that trend like collaboration over long distances. Technology is rapidly accelerating the movement.

For today’s homes, the idea of a collaboration hub is inevitable. Smart home technology is already being used in at least 20% of homes, with more poised to adopt it soon.  In just six years, the typical family home could contain more than 500 smart devices.

At work, collaboration is the key to productivity and fast decision-making – and it’s now the norm, especially for companies with global locations, suppliers, or customers. At the same time, the work environment has become totally fluid, based on the location of the worker and not the office walls.

The Glass Answer:

Two collaboration hub prototypes – the Collaboration Hub for the Home and the Collaboration Hub for the Office –  greeted Corning visitors at CES® 2017, and showcased the ways glass enhances personal connections in both the real and virtual world.

It’s all about smart surfaces, fast connections, and brilliant images. Booth visitors transformed an everyday surface into an easy-to-use, personalized smart device, getting things done at a faster-than-ever pace.

They also saw how quick it is to switch from work mode to family or entertainment activities, with glass and optical fiber making connections more brilliant and lifelike than ever before.

These are just a few of the ways The Glass Age came to life at CES® 2017.