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CES 2016 in Review

CES 2016 in Review

Our booth at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas gave attendees and media alike a look into the future of advanced glass technologies. Thousands who saw the concepts were amazed by the applications being enabled by glass, including our connected car, kitchen hub, retail window, infotainment wall, and collaboration surface.

Through media coverage by some of the top U.S. outlets, our vision spanned more than just our 20-by-40-foot booth. Media from as far away as Turkey, Iran, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Russia also stopped by and published articles, videos, and social media posts. Keep reading for some of our favorite moments from the show.

The Verge

Here's How Gorilla Glass Could Come to Your Car, Walls, and Fridge by Sam Byford

“About five years ago, Corning — the company behind the ubiquitous strengthened Gorilla Glass found in countless smartphones — made a concept video called “A Day Made of Glass” designed to show off how glass could be applied in futuristic ways to pretty much every aspect of life. This year at CES, Corning’s booth is dedicated to claiming how that vision is now feasible.” 

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CNN Money

CES 2016 Highlights by David Goldman

“Corning's futuristic plan also includes putting Gorilla Glass on your windshield. That's the same screen that's on your phone. It's lighter and more durable than your current windshield, helping to increase fuel efficiency and clarity.”

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Android Headlines

Corning Showcase Several Interactive Glass Surfaces At CES 2016 by Diego Macias

"Basically, every surface of the home would be made of glass and it would provide advanced functionality and interactions. That vision looks not so distant now that Corning displayed similar technology in their CES 2016 booth."

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Corning Reveals Interactive Retail Glass by Edwin Kee

"Dr. Jeffrey Evenson, Corning’s SVP and CSO, shared, 'As we extend the technical and design capabilities of precision glass, Corning continues to deliver innovative technologies that enable more connected, interactive, and customizable lifestyles. We’re excited to engage consumers and industry partners in a set of new application opportunities inspired by our vision for the future – all made possible by Corning.' This would include an interactive retail glass that might just spring up like mushrooms in the future if the idea catches on."

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NBC Bay Area

Super-Thin Technology Featured in CES by Scott Budman

"We’ve never seen people stare so intently at a table before, or a refrigerator, or a wall. But this is no ordinary wall. It’s equivalent to 10 55-inch LCD TVs and it’s a lot of fun to play with. It’s a prototype from glassmaker Corning, which is betting that someday soon you’ll want to put its touch-sensitive Gorilla Glass all over your house."

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CBS Top Tech

Top Tech at CES 2016

“Show attendees check out a prototype of a connected car console, built with Gorilla Glass at CES 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 7, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada."

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Digital Trends

Corning Wants Its Gorilla Glass to Turn All Your Surfaces Into Touchscreens by Jenny McGrath

"Corning thinks glass’s day has arrived. In 2011, its video 'A Day Made of Glass' showed how glass could be used in every corner of the home, from the mirror displaying news while you brush your teeth to the countertop showing you the weather as you make breakfast. At CES 2016, the company’s booth was full of similar technology — all of which it says is ready and awaiting partners."

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Corning’s ‘A Day Made of Glass’ Finally Became a Reality by Paul Tamburro

“The advanced glass technology essentially transforms a variety of surfaces into functional touchscreens, complete with various potential applications from being able to show traffic warnings on billboards along a highway, to allowing the user to watch TV shows on their kitchen world surface as they cook, to displaying a smart dashboard in their car. Corning's CES booth showed off its automotive implementation in a demo, which highlighted features such as its ability to display accurate gas readings and the vehicle's current speed, control features such as air conditioning and the user's music playlists, and even alter the coloration of its sunroof.”

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