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The Office Space of the Future

With new workspace offerings featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass, collaboration is coming to an office space near you!

The workplace is getting a makeover. With the advent of digital technology and seamless connectivity, your traditional office environment is a soon-to-be distant memory. Say goodbye to cubicles.  Modular workspaces and collaborative surfaces that can accommodate one person to multiple people for an impromptu meeting, phone call, or brainstorm session are becoming the hub of productivity. And Corning® Gorilla® Glass is at the center of this collaborative-oriented workspace environment.

For nearly four years, Corning has worked with SnapCab®, a paneling system company, to develop office spaces of the future. Leveraging the benefits of Gorilla Glass, SnapCab has been designing products for a variety of interior applications, which now include their Pod and Portal offerings.

“Architects and designers are always looking for materials that give them freedom to design out of the box,” said Keith Glovins, commercial director for architecture at Corning. “Glass has generally had a perception of being heavy, thick, and not ideal for interior architecture, but Gorilla Glass’s lightweight, optically clear, durable, and thin qualities are changing the perception.”

While many may think that Corning’s Gorilla Glass is only used on smartphones, tablets, and wearables, it’s also an ideal solution for elevator interiors, wall panels, or other architectural applications such as furniture.

Debuted at NeoCon 2017, North America’s design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, the SnapCab Pod and Portal, featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass, are transforming the way people design workspaces.

The Pod is a freestanding, modular, movable office, facilitating productivity, inspiring innovation, and cultivating creativity. Comprised of Gorilla Glass laminates, customers can exercise their creativity, designing wall panels with high-resolution imagery, logos, patterns or finishes such as stone or wood. Thanks to Gorilla Glass’s optical clarity, solid colors are pristine, vibrant, and never fade.

“With Gorilla Glass as a laminate option for the Pod’s wall panels, designers can have the freedom to create a beautiful, durable space unlike today’s typical bulky, bland cubicles,” said Glovins.

The Pod garnered great attention at NeoCon and received the Silver Award in the “Workplace Technologies” category.

The Portal is a multimedia wall with panels featuring durable Gorilla Glass. Whether in a brainstorm session or a formal meeting, the wall panels equipped with Gorilla Glass allow colleagues to write, sketch, and collaborate on the surface. As well as that, displays and other technologies, such a mini PCs, cameras, and external microphones and speakers, can be designed into the wall. Similar to the Pod, the Gorilla Glass panels are fully customizable with laminate options such as solid colors, patterns, or custom images or logos that never fade or wear.

Whether you’re envisioning a collaborative space or an interactive, durable wall surface for your office, Gorilla Glass and SnapCab are bringing your productivity dreams to life.

“Architectural design with Corning® Gorilla® Glass is just beginning,” said Glovins. “By leveraging this durable specialty glass and its well-known qualities, architects and designers will be able to create spaces beyond your wildest imagination.”

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