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Extreme closeup of tiny, colorful glass "tiles" of semiconductor

IR Crystal Optics
and Components

IR Crystal Optics and Components

Our refractive crystal components are backed by extensive optical and mechanical design.

What Corning Offers

What Corning Offers

Our rigorous manufacturing process enables us to produce high-quality components that meet or exceed specification. Every component is tested using state-of-the-art interferometers and optical profilers. Our coatings are designed to ensure optimum performance and durability.

Crystal materials include:

  • Amtir (GeAsSe)
  • Barium Fluoride (BaF2)
  • Gallium Arsenide (GaAs)
  • Germanium (Ge)
  • Silicon (Si)
  • Zinc selenide (ZnSe)
  • Zinc sulfide (ZnS)