Legends of Silica | Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Hi. We’re Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Hi. We’re Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Hi. We’re Corning Gorilla Glass and we make tough glass for all those fun techy devices like your phone, watch (wearables), laptops and tablets.

Look at your world and chances are you’ll notice that glass is around you more than you realize.

Glass is a magical substance that has a lot of history and science in its creation. It’s a material that starts with sand. Similar to how a chef can combine ingredients to make different dishes, our scientists can combine elements from the periodic table to create different types of glass. Glass can be formed, shaped, delicate, durable, incredibly pure, and it can bend. (Yeah, we’re nerds).

Corning Gorilla Glass is part of Corning Incorporated, the company that has pioneered glass innovations since 1851. Corning has built famous glass such as: the glass encasement for Thomas Edison’s light bulb, optical fiber (what the Internet runs on), and space shuttle windows, to name a few. It’s safe to say that when it comes to making glass, we’re expert status!

Corning Gorilla Glass was created so it can keep up with the tough demands we expect from our mobile electronics. Today, our glass is used on over 8 billion devices! Every time you touch your device, the odds are you’re touching Gorilla Glass.

Webtoons: Through the Glass

Webtoons: Through the Glass

Comics have been around a long time (Petroglyphs anyone?). The big difference with a Webtoon vs. a comic book is that you’re most likely scrolling on a phone to read a Webtoon.

In other words, you’re reading a story about glass, while touching our glass! It just makes sense.

Join us on the journey of two master glassmakers who attempt to revive an ancient magical kingdom!

The Legend Starts Here

Amory & Pearson, two ambitious glass crafters, learn they are evicted from their workshop and must seek out new opportunities. They never expected to find themselves as caretakers of the magical Kingdom of Silica. If they want to leave, all they must do is locate the five lost wizards of Silica, convince them to return to the Kingdom, AND bring Durward, Warden of the Doors, Master Maker of Portals, and Cursed One out of exile. Simple! Join this magical adventure full of wizards, dragons, elemental creatures, and enchanted glass.

Meet our two Master Glassmakers

Meet our two Master Glassmakers


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Meet the artist and storyteller

Based in Colorado, Brian Edward Miller is the artist and illustrator behind Orlin Culture Shop. His work represents an amalgamation of influences born out of an 80’s-driven childhood, a family legacy of artists and craftsmen, and over a decade of experience as a creative professional. His evocatively stylistic landscapes and vibrantly energetic human figures are brought to life with bold strokes and strong color palettes.  Learn more >>