Incredibly Tough: Ua Pou | Mike Libecki with an Smartphone | Corning Gorilla Glass

Ua Pou: Unexplored Earth

Ua Pou: Unexplored Earth

Ua Pou: Unexplored Earth

Mike Libecki does what others have never done. Explores where others have never explored. And climbs where no others have climbed. On this extraordinary journey to a 1,230-meter peak on Ua Pou, he took tough to new heights with his OPPO smartphone, featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

Mike Libecki has a rare and unusual condition. He calls it, “Obsessive Expedition Climbing Disorder.” What started with a passion rock climbing, led to ascents up Yosemite’s famed and feared El Capitan and Half Dome. Not content with these traditional climbing routes, he set his sights on exploring the Earth’s untouched places —  making first ascents by taking routes and going to the tops of mountains no one had climbed before.

To date, his explorations have taken him to the most remote corners of the earth, in more than 100 countries, on all seven continents. This climber turned adventurer was named one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year in 2013. On this most recent adventure, Mike packed his gear and set off for Ua Pou, the third largest of the Marquesas Islands, in French Polynesia. At the center of the island are four high basalt pillars that reach high above the surrounding mountains. No one had ever ascended the pillars, and Mike was going to be the first.

While his meticulous preparation, skills, and climbing gear were essential to his safety, his OPPO smartphone with Corning® Gorilla® Glass was along for the expedition to capture scientific research, provide navigation, operate his drone and, most importantly, keep him connected with his family back in Salt Lake City, Utah.