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Steamed fish

Steamed fish

From Kiley Umeda


Place ti leaf on the bottom of the steamer make sure to weave it- it will be used as handles to bring the fish out of the steamer.

Place fish in steamer with slits on the meat to help distribute the flavor. Place ginger on the top and inside of the fish cavity. 

Steam till fish is cooked- check with a fork at thickest part to make sure the meat is flakey and cooked evenly.

Remove fish using the ti leaf bedding as handle and place in a dish

Add green onions/cilantro garnish on top and drizzle sauce. Heat up peanut oil until it starts to smoke and finish the fish with peanut oil on top. 

About Kiley

About Kiley

As featured in Episode 1 of “Eat Local. Run Wild.” 28-year-old Kiley Umeda was born and raised in  Hilo, Hawaii. “From the age of 7 years old I was in the water spearfishing and in the mountains hunting. Harvesting and cooking our food has been a way of life as long as I can remember,” Kiley reflected.

At the age of 15 she became sponsored by Aimrite and began her competitive years of spearfishing. “I’ve competed in State, National and International Spearfishing competitions and loved every second of it. Now I’m retired and enjoy the simplicity of taking my time and enjoying the scenery, whether it be harvesting food or just watching fish/animals pass by,” she explained.

Today Kiley is the proud owner of Aimrite USA — specializing in carbon fiber spearguns. This company was established in 1998 by Kiley’s Uncle Rick Bettua and Angela Bettua. Fresh out of college, Kiley was offered a job building guns for her Uncle. Slowly Kiley became the manager of this small family run business and just recently took full ownership the company. “I go to work every day loving my job,” she concluded.