Imaging Systems for Lithography Applications
20:1 Projection Soft X-ray Lithography Using Tri-level Resist
A 193 nm Deep-UV Lithography System Using a Line-Narrowed ArF Excimer Laser
Building World Class Microlithography Lens Systems: Optical Material Requirements and Qualification Methods
Design and Analysis of a High NA Projection System for 0.35 µm Deep-UV Lithography
High Index Materials for 193 nm Immersion Lithography
Immersion Lithography Micro-Objectives
Optical Design Forms for DUV & VUV Microlithographic Processes
Performance Enhancement of 157 nm Newtonian Catadioptric Objectives
Requirements and Design Illuminators for Microlithography

Custom Optical Systems and Design Solutions
The Benefits of a Vertically Integrated Optical Systems Supplier
Development of MWIR Continuous Zoom with Large Zoom Range
Increased Precision of Zernike Fit to Noisy Truncated Phase Maps
Localized Slope Errors and their Impact on Image Performance Requirements
Modeling Interferometers with Lens Design Software
Modern Lens Design Using a Lens Manufacturing Database
MWIR Continuous Zoom with Large Zoom Range
Noise as a Design Constraint in Broadband Wavefront Coded Optical Systems
Optical Design Compensation from Engineering to Production Manufacturing
Opto-mechanical Review of a Light-weight Compact Visible Zoom Camera
Scanning Pupil Tolerancing
Use of Advanced Sensitivity Approach to Novel Optical Compensation Methods
Use of an Application Programming Interface (API) to Allow Non-optical Designers to Perform Specific Optical Evaluations

Measurement Methods for Optical Components
Characterization of Symmetric Aberrations in Aspheric Surfaces Using Non-contact Profilometry
Closed Loop Optimization of Opto-mechanical Structure via Mechanical and Optical Analysis Software
A New Instrument for Routine Optical Testing of General Aspherics
Frequency-stepping Interferometry for Accurate Metrology of Rough Components and Assemblies
Functional Tolerancing Using Full Surface Metrology
A Laser Speckle Reduction System
A Method of Evaluating and Tolerancing Interferometer Designs
Optical Characterization of High Refractive Index Glass Wafers for Augmented Reality Wearables
Polarization Metrology for High Numerical Aperture DUV Objectives

High-speed Laser Processing for Industrial Applications
From Proof of Principle to 98.5% Yield of a High-speed Laser Processing Tool
Enhanced Edge Strength Performance For Augmented Reality Waveguide Laser Singulation

Liquid Lens Technology
Improving Iris Recognition with Liquid Lens Technology