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Square, greenish glass polarizers in lay overlapping on flat surface

Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers

Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers

Ensures the elimination of stray light by absorbing the unwanted light.

Our Product Offers Ease of Alignment and Integration, and Device Miniaturization

Our Product Offers Ease of Alignment

Polarcor™ is a keystone optical element in polarization-dependent isolators, optical modulators, polarimetry systems, ellipsometers, shutters and many other polarization-based devices. Polarcor™ is characterized by high extinction and low insertion loss throughout the 600 nm to 2300 nm wavelengths. The polarization mechanism (resonant absorption by elongated silver crystals within the glass material) ensures the elimination of stray light, by absorbing the unwanted polarization. Since Polarcor™ is a solid glass product it is extremely resistant to chemical, physical and thermal damage, while exhibiting excellent optical properties.

Polarcor™ can be used to:

  • Create or block polarized light
  • Reduce glare and suppress reflections
  • Enhance contrast of images
  • Modulate energy
  • Control intensity and color
  • Improve signal to noise ratio


  • Polarization-dependent optical isolators
  • Infrared sensors
  • Instrument filters
  • Modulators
  • Fiber polarizers
  • Magnetic anomaly detectors
  • Various fiber optic devices