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Karol T

Karol T

Head of the Injection Molding Department

I started working at HTL in 2008. It was the time when the factory was preparing to integrate with Corning. I was employed as a Technologist in R&D and I've been assigned to technological processes related to molding processing. My first tasks were clearly defined by my superior, so it was much easier to become the part of the team of the experienced engineers. I was responsible for the preparation of technological guidelines for new injection molds, technical acceptance and technological trials.

I was also creating new technological processes and selecting and testing new types of construction materials. Full integration with Corning allowed me to develop in optimization of productivity of production processes and implement many solutions in the widely understood Lean Manufacturing. It also has been associated with trips to international conferences and trainings within the Corning group.

Since February 2018 I have been working as the Head of the Injection Molding Department. I manage a team of over a dozen people.