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I’ve been working with HTL since June 2017. I was hired as a Liquid Dispenser (pipettors) Assembler through the Temporary Employment Agency. From the very beginning I was warmly welcomed by management and other employees in the department.

When I received my first batch of pipettes for assembly, I was overwhelmed with the amount of detailed information I needed to remember. I started with single-channel pipettes, which consist of 45 elements, for comparison multi-channel pipettes, which came later - almost 80 elements. Mastering assembly techniques and precision were also crucial.

Fortunately, the whole team supported me. I know that I can always count on my colleagues and their many years of experience. After a year of temporary work, I was employed directly by Corning. During this period, we introduced new pipettors to the market, which proved to be a big success, thanks to the hard work of our team.  We were all very proud of what we achieved. Recently, I have been given the opportunity to become a leader for the assembly team.  I’m currently training myself to become a great leader to support my team.