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Karol K

Karol K

Process Engineer

My adventure with Corning began in 2017, half way through my junior year of my engineering studies at the Warsaw University of Technology. As an intern in the engineering department I learned how to operate inside a company, quickly started to participate in ongoing projects, and almost immediately could develop my own interests related to production.

I participated in manufacturing cost optimization projects as well as calculation of profitability of potential improvements in the production area, which was implemented. After 8 months I was hired as a temporary Process Engineer. Because of Corning's openness and flexible work hours I could balance work with full-time studies.

At the same time, Corning allowed me to develop my skills in the field of computer simulations of the molding injection processes which today is part of my current duties. The automated production position project allowed me to get the engineer degree in September 2018, and only one month later I was hired in the position of Process Engineer. I am continuing my education part-time to earn my master’s degree. My current responsibility is to improve production processes financially through cost savings and quality of work. Gaining new experiences and a full days work gives me huge satisfaction.