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Corning HTL S.A. – Corning Life Science Warsaw Plant

For over 35 years, a million pipettors have left the warehouses on Daniszewska street, Warsaw, where the HTL headquarters’ is located. They are used by labs around the world who value reliability, durability and availability from a company that produces quality products.   Because of updated technology in production HTL offers the know-how and requirements of both our international and domestic markets. Dynamism, openness to change, enthusiasm for a common goal and the international environment is a specialty we provide.



Address: Daniszewska Street 4, Warsaw 03-230

Ph: +48 (22) 492 1930

Email: rekrut2@corning.com


HTL came into existence in spring 1981 by the inventiveness of Andy Czernecki. In the second half of the 1980s, HTL began looking for potential distributors. The introduction of the very successful LABMATE automatic pipette series in the late nineties resulted in a further growth of the market share and strengthen our distributor’s network. Over the next few years, we already had 145 distributors in 80 countries around the world.

In 2005, HTL shares were bought by Axygen BioScience, a global manufacturer of disposable plastic products for the laboratory industry. In September 2009 an American Company, Corning Incorporated – Life Science Division announced the takeover of the Axygen group, which include the subsidiaries HTL. Joining the Corning Life Science group has further strengthened HTL's position in the Liquid Handling market.