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Corning Family Support Network Expands Reach

Corning Family Support Network Expands Reach

A network committed to supporting and advocating for Corning employees and their families

The Corning Family Support Network (CFSN) is a new employee resource group. The CFSN vision is to be an advocate for Corning families to promote a healthy work-life balance, encouraging a positive work environment. The group will attain its vision by:

  • Providing a support network for employees to discuss and address issues related to their family responsibilities and obligations
  • Being a voice for working parents and collaborating with HR to provide up-to-date and accurate policy/program information and through aiding in actively informing employees
  • Providing opportunities for employees to talk with outside experts, including pediatrics, mental health experts, lactation consultants, and financial planners
  • Offering opportunities for community outreach to support local families in need

The idea of this support network began as a grassroots initiative with a focus on helping expecting parents. The core team called themselves Baby Onboarding (BOB).

With the help of Research Human Resources representatives, in conjunction with the Corporate Benefits team, BOB pulled together information on current policies and programs in a handy book for expecting parents. Newly expecting moms and BOB team members talked through their challenges and what they needed. They highlighted that the information was out there, but was just hard to find. If people didn't know what to look for, they'd miss out on great programs Corning offers, they thought. The BOB Book was created with this in mind, to provide a one stop shop for those expecting so they could go to one place and be given all the current policy and program information regarding maternity. The book offers a helpful checklist with links to Corning offered programs and policies – these programs are also referenced later in the book with summaries.

Another large initiative CFSN took on was to review the current "maternity leave policy" and research policies within other top U.S. companies.

"We want to take on an advocacy role," said Scott, founding member, co-chair of CFSN. CFSN feels that as Corning Incorporated increases its global presence and the competition for talent intensifies, it is vital that the company enhances its ability to attract, develop, and retain the best available diverse talent. Having a parental leave policy that is at least comparable to other top U.S. companies will ensure that Corning improves its competitiveness and is able to further enhance employee engagement and productivity.

"The support that I need at work is in the form of a network of like-minded people. To be able to speak to people that are going through the same situations at the same time is invaluable," said Hope, scientist and mother of two.

Amber, Senior Research Scientist and mother, has a goal to create a "Buddy Group" under CFSN with the focus on mentorship that can help Corning employees develop a work-life balance that works for them where they feel supported in their careers and as parents.

"We knew we could be so much more than just a group for expecting parents. The family dynamic changes throughout your life; we want all Corning employees to feel supported through these transitions. This is why we proposed becoming an official employee resource group," said Brandy, founding member, chair of CFSN and mother of two.

The CFSN has a very established support network for expecting parents but the goal is to branch out and initiate networks for elderly care, families with school age children, adoption, career support, and community outreach. "We are open to the needs of our employees and look forward to members actively participating and establishing the networks they need," she said.