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Indrani, Senior Research Scientist

Meet Indrani. She’s sharing her passion for science with others at Corning.

Indrani’s fascination with chemistry started during high school when she first became intrigued with mixing elements in the lab. Indrani went on to study materials chemistry in her Ph.D. program.

“Lots of my friends took engineering courses or became doctors, which was the thing to do at the time,” says Indrani. “Although I did not know the path forward, I was very sure I wanted to become a chemist.”

Indrani was the first participant in Corning’s Science and Technology rotational program – a two-year program in which employees rotate through three different career fields before choosing which department they would like to join.

“I spent time working with our fundamental research, specialty materials, and optical fiber and coatings teams during my rotations,” says Indrani. “Having the chance to work with different teams before deciding on a career was a valuable opportunity.”

Today, Indrani works as a senior research scientist and is responsible for developing experimental strategies to solve challenges her colleagues are facing on different projects. Not only is she providing guidance to colleagues on their work, but she’s mentoring other employees in the rotational program she once participated in.

“I am shaping a brighter clearer, future by mentoring young women scientists and encouraging them to take on projects that are challenging but rewarding,” says Indrani.

We’re proud of our female scientists, engineers, and working professionals like Indrani and know they are shaping a brighter, clearer future.

“I am proud to work at Corning because of the cutting-edge research we do here.”


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