Corning introduces the Velocity® Vial Technology Platform, expanding industry partnerships

Corning introduces the Velocity® Vial Technology Platform, expanding industry partnerships

Corning introduces the Velocity® Vial Technology Platform, expanding industry partnerships

By improving drug-filling operations and accelerating the delivery of critical therapies, Velocity Vials are quickly setting a new industry standard

Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies, a division of Corning Incorporated, today introduced its Velocity® Vials Technology Platform. The platform increases access to Corning’s Velocity® Vial technology, allowing industry leaders to make and sell the product – and providing more choice to pharma and biotech companies. Through the platform, Corning will expand its manufacturing footprint, localize its supply chains, and enable the purchase of Velocity Vials through a network of selling partners. 

Gerresheimer AG was the first partner to join the Velocity Vial technology platform. The newly expanded partnership will combine Gerresheimer’s extensive glass converting expertise with Corning’s innovative external vial coating technology, enabling the joint venture to co-manufacture and sell Velocity Vials. 

SGD Pharma joined shortly after, announcing a joint venture with Corning that included the opening of a new glass tubing facility and expand access to Velocity Vial technology in India. 

With a growing portfolio of packing solutions, Corning has been a vital force for innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Velocity Vials played a critical role in the global distribution of essential vaccines and medications during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the industry looks ahead, pharmaceutical companies are turning to Corning to help them capture performance efficiencies and protect product quality, from drug filling to delivery.  

“We are starting to see a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical primary-packing industry, where coated vials are becoming the new industry standard,” said Brendan Mosher, vice president and general manager, Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies. “Velocity Vials have demonstrated immediate benefits for our customers. The adoption of the technology by leading pharmaceutical-packaging providers is yet another proof point of this evolution.” 

Velocity Vials can improve filling-line efficiency by up to 50%, thereby lowering costs while also improving quality. Compared with conventional vials, Velocity Vials can reduce the likelihood of damage that leads to cracks, breaks, and cosmetics defects. The adoption of Velocity Vials has already helped accelerate the delivery of lifesaving treatments and critical drugs to the market.  

Velocity Vials are made with Type I borosilicate glass and conform to ISO standard dimensions, creating a streamlined regulatory process for the conversion of marketed drugs. They can be dropped-in to existing operations with no significant changes or reporting to regulatory authorities.  

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