The Rise of Display Glass

Welcome to the rise of display glass.

For fifty years, scientists have advanced the potential of glass, making possible technologies like LCD televisions, then monitors, laptops, and tablets. OLED phones and wearables followed, all dependent on this rise of display glass.

Today, the world watches as we experience the next rise. The industry is shifting once again, looking to technologies like QD OLED, MiniLED, and MicroLED to deliver more lifelike, beautiful, and useful displays. And that’s only the beginning. 

A television foundation

Some of us remember early console televisions that were a piece of furniture in a home. Today, TVs are still a statement piece, but in such a different way. The look may have changed drastically, but the impact remains.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, television has been a window to the world we missed, a critical source of lifesaving information, even a welcome helper to ignite the imaginations of restless children while we work from our dinner tables. Whether in the 1960s or the 2020s, we gather around a TV to share an experience – laughing at a sitcom, watching in awe as history is made, or observing a part of the world where you’ve never set foot in person. Displays connect us and power some of our most meaningful interactions. 

Corning helped advance this industry from the days of the cathode ray tube to the LCD glass that made flat screens commonplace. Today, we look forward to where the industry is headed next.

A view of what’s to come

Television has become a warm and reliable companion in our daily lives. But what will tomorrow look like? Brilliant minds are still inventing the future of displays, and the possibilities are nearly endless. Promising developments in adjacent applications making use of display technologies can elevate use experience even further. From augmented and simulated reality to transparent displays and smart windows, our view of the future is being invented here and now. And Corning is here to make sure display glass will rise to the occasion.