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Corning Named 'Best Tech of CES'

Corning Named 'Best Tech of CES'

The Consumer Electronics Show, the world's largest tech show, is becoming a key venue for auto innovators to discuss how they're revolutionizing our time on the road. And Corning was at the center of that conversation during CES® 2017.

The company showcased an awe-inspiring concept car to get people thinking about the Glass Age, where driving – along with other everyday activities, like exercising and collaborating at work and at home – is becoming extraordinary thanks to glass.

Amid more than 3,800 exhibitors and almost 175,000 tech analysts and reporters, the vision Corning shared in its booth gained widespread attention as a highpoint of the show.

Here are some of our favorite moments.

'The Best Tech of CES 2017'

At a global show dominated by auto concepts, Corning made the Top Picks of CES 2017 in the cars category alongside BMW and Toyota.

"The same material protecting the delicate LCD screens on millions of smartphones is now ready for your road trip," wrote Lance Ulanoff at Mashable, a widely read global source for tech and digital culture.

Mashable named Corning to its best tech list after delivering enthusiastic coverage of our concept car.

Corning Wants to Put Smart Glass in Your Car

Corning can help automakers make cars that are cleaner, safer, and more connected, Dr. Jeff Evenson, senior vice president and chief strategy officer, told Digital Editor Andrew Nusca in this video interview.

Evenson explained how longstanding relationships with automakers helps Corning understand their current needs. He walked Fortune through Corning's concept car, explaining how key trends in the car are enabled by advanced glass.

TIME Columnist Touts Corning's Automotive Vision and CES Auto Presence

Tech-industry analyst and columnist for TIME magazine Tim Bajarin appeared on CNN's "New Day Saturday" to discuss the top trends coming out of CES® 2017.

"The auto industry has invaded CES, it's fascinating. Almost every major car brand is here showing something futuristic," he said. As for Corning's vision, he explained, "The concept is to try and make every part of the car smart, and that stuck out as well as what we saw from folks like BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford…"

Bajarin also noted Corning's booth in his own TIME piece, which you can read here.

Corning is Marketing One of the Oldest Technologies as the Key to the Future

"Corning's Gorilla Glass is the market leader in mobile-device cover glass. And the company came to CES with grand plans for expanding that technology into one of the hottest tech sectors at the show—automotive," wrote Adweek's Tim Nudd.

This feature story focused on how Corning is changing the perception of glass and raised its visibility in the technology market. The article and video with Dr. Jeff Evenson, senior vice president and chief strategy officer, described the different ways glass is used in the car, the inspirational intent of the concept car, other areas of the Corning booth, and the strategies behind Corning's marketing efforts.

"Amid the teeming mass of months-old technologies here at CES," Nudd wrote, "is one that's more than 5,000 years old. And without it, so many modern-day marvels would be useless."

Ultralight and Super-strong, Corning's Concept Car Makes Unusual Use of Glass

"You may be familiar with the name Corning and Gorilla Glass from your smartphone, but this low slung sports car is a tour de force of all the cool things they're doing with car technology today," says Antuan Goodwin, in a video segment on CNET's Roadshow.

He enthusiastically walked through our concept car – telling his viewers to get ready for what Corning will bring to the driving experience.

"Cars like the Ford GT already use Corning glass to reduce weight and improve performance. The rest of these technologies are just around the corner. We can't wait."

Corning's Gorilla Glass isn't Just for Your Phone

Dr. Jeff Evenson, senior vice president chief strategy officer, talked on camera with Bloomberg's Alex Webb about what getting into cars means for Corning.

"We think that we can sell the glass in this application for similar prices to what we sell into the consumer electronics industry today," Evenson told Bloomberg. "If you look at the size of the market, and what's happening in concept cars, we believe both the interior and the exterior – independently – could be as big as the markets we sell into today in square feet."

Evenson then showed how the same material used on the iPhone and other smartphones was applied throughout Corning's concept car, from the windshield, sunroof, windows, and backlite, to the dash, steering wheel, and center console.

And it's clear – this is happening now.

"Right now we're on six production vehicles, including the Ford GT and BMW i8," he said. "We're ready to take this product to the mass market – both for the exterior glazing and the interior displays."