Corning’s New Everon® Cellular Solution Delivers Robust, Reliable Cellular Coverage in High-Density Environments

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Corning’s New Everon® Cellular Solution Delivers Robust, Reliable Cellular Coverage in High-Density Environments
Corning’s New Everon® Cellular Solution Delivers Robust, Reliable Cellular Coverage in High-Density Environments
CORNING, N.Y. | Corning Incorporated | February 08, 2024

The next-generation technology supports multiple operators and reduces installation time by up to 75% in places like hospitals, hotels, and airports

CORNING, N.Y.Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) today introduced its latest indoor cellular solution, the Everon® 5G Enterprise Radio Access Network (ERAN). This multi-operator, multi-band technology provides end users with robust, reliable cellular coverage in hospitals, hotels, airports, and other high-density environments regardless of their mobile provider.

In a major departure from legacy solutions, the newest addition to Corning’s Everon® portfolio supports multiple mobile operators over a common network. This can reduce installation time for enterprises by up to 75% and can also reduce cost of ownership by up to 50%. Traditional solutions provide cellular connectivity for only one operator at a time.

“Everon 5G ERAN sets a new industry standard by offering a streamlined solution for coverage-challenged places that are part of our daily lives, like hospitals, hotels, and office buildings,” said Shirish Nagaraj, Corning Optical Communications’ chief technology officer, Wireless.

Delivering robust indoor coverage has been a longstanding challenge for enterprises and operators. Local cell towers may have limited ability to penetrate dense building exteriors, causing dead zones or spotty service. This can become even more pronounced with higher-frequency spectrums used by 5G, such as C-Band.

Corning’s solution directly addresses these challenges. It combines the benefits of small cell radio access networks (RAN), which accommodate multiple frequencies, with the advantages of distributed antenna system (DAS) technologies, which provide reliable signals throughout high-density environments.

In addition, the solution’s Open RAN architecture works with components from multiple vendors, enabling software upgradability. It also uses Virtualized RAN technology, offering hardware flexibility through cloud-based data processing.

“Our newest Everon solution offers flexibility in design, predictability in deployment, and scalability for future needs,” said Nagaraj. “It highlights Corning’s dedication to solving the world’s toughest technology challenges alongside our customers – and improving the world with every innovation.”

For more on the Everon® 5G ERAN or to connect with a Corning representative about availability, visit the Everon® Network Solutions page.


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