Professional Network Services

It takes more than quality products to create reliable networks. As a full-service integrator of voice, data, and wireless networks, we can help you design, build, operate, support, and maintain your state-of-the-art technology solutions. This is achieved through our Professional Network Services team which provides a wide range of services based upon your needs and requirements. When you work with Corning, you can expect collaborative support for your network today to prepare it for emerging applications and services.

Network Practices

Data Center

Data Center

The data center is the heart of the network, supporting the continuous stream of data that flows throughout. We can work with you to determine the best architecture for your requirements today, and in the future. Whether you want to ensure a successful migration to 100G and beyond, migrate to a cloud-based data center, or deploy a reliable and efficient high-fiber-count architecture, we have the resources to help.


To provide the bandwidth-intensive services businesses and consumers demand, a fiber-based network is required. No matter where you are in your migration path, we have the experiences and services to get you to a fiber-to-the-x (-home, -business, or any other) network. With Corning resources and technology responsible for passing more than 35 million homes globally, our FTTx services can help any customer, of any size, meet any requirement.


Federal/Secure Solutions

Our offering for secure applications includes design, installation, and network management services for the nation’s critical infrastructure. Our commitment to quality, security, and future-ready technologies can give you the confidence of knowing your network will meet even the most demanding requirements.

Central Office/Headend Solutions

Central Office - Headend

Reliability in your central office or headend is critical, and you need products, services, and support to optimize your network’s capabilities. Our resources are here to help simplify the design and deployment of your core network with solutions and services that provide industry-leading density and flexibility, while also providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

Wireless/Cellular Networks

Whether you are deploying a distributed antenna system, utilizing small cell technology, or looking for another way to boost your cellular coverage, we can work with you to design the most appropriate wireless/cellular network to support any type of venue. Let us help you find the modular, scalable solution to end the rip-and-replace upgrade cycle and simplify your infrastructure.

Local Area Networks (LAN)

Our fiber-deep network topologies enable future-ready connectivity inside buildings with the ability to converge multiple technologies over a single, simplified infrastructure. Work with our experienced team before, during, and after your LAN deployment to ensure you can provide future-ready connectivity throughout the building and campus. 

We’re Here for You

We’re Here for You

At Corning, we are dedicated to providing Total Quality products and services to customers before, during, and after the sale.  Our project management expertise provides a solid foundation that establishes accountability, effective tracking, transparent reporting, thorough risk management, and a framework capable of yielding continual performance and process improvement.

To learn more about our professional network services and how we can bring industry best practices to your organization while adding value to your business, explore the links below to learn more about our design and support services. When you are ready contact us, we are here to help.