Corning® Fusion5™ Glass

Corning® Fusion5™ Glass is the world’s first auto exterior glass designed to help deliver windshields that are lighter in weight, with superior durability and better optical performance, compared to conventional windshields.

How it works:

How it works:

Engineered for automotive applications, Corning® Fusion5™ Glass is the world’s first purpose-built auto exterior glass made using Corning's fusion draw process. It’s designed to help deliver windshields with superior durability, better optical performance, while lighter in weight than conventional windshields.

As vehicles evolve over time, windshields must do the same. They are no longer only used to protect passengers from the outside elements. Windshield technology is a crucial component of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) as well as other advanced technologies such as sensors, cameras, LiDAR, Head-Up Displays, wiper and humidity sensors, among others, that play a key role in ensuring the safety and performance of modern vehicles. 

When incorporated into an automotive glazing, Fusion5 Glass forms the outermost ply - effectively reducing weight, increasing durability, and improving optical performance.

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  wrench and hammer


>4x sharp impact resistance 



>10x durability (scratch and chemical)

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12% lighter in weight

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>50% better optics for ADAS


Challenges for Automakers and Corning Solutions

Recent automotive trends are changing traditional conventional requirements and creating challenges for automakers.
Learn how Corning® Fusion5™ Glass is helping solve those challenges.