Corning Fusion5™ Glass


Corning® Fusion5™ Glass is the world’s first auto exterior glass designed to help deliver windshields that are lighter in weight, with superior durability and better optical performance, compared to conventional windshields.


Key features of Corning® Fusion5™ Glass


4x Better sharp impact resistance*

With rapidly increasing replacement costs, automakers and drivers want a more durable and reliable windshield. Corning® Fusion5™ Glass demonstrates sharp impact performance four times better than traditional windshields with significantly lower breakage on the road.

  • More than 4x better sharp impact resistance than traditional windshields

*Asymmetric Fusion5 construction vs traditional windshields

12% Weight savings

Increasing adoption of battery-electric vehicles has made weight reduction a crucial target in auto manufacturing. Corning® Fusion5™ is 12% less dense than traditional glass, reducing the overall weight needed for increased range.

  • 12% weight savings over traditional soda-lime glass

2x Improved optics for ADAS

With more sensors and integrated features like ADAS, automakers and drivers need clearer optics.

  • > 2x lower optical distortion over soda-lime glass (SLG)
  • > 2x lower optics decay (in-use performance)

Ultra durable, ultra clear. Ultimate performance.

A clearer road ahead with Fusion5™

Advancements in autonomous driving means more technology than ever is mounted to the windshield. Windshields made with Corning® Fusion5™ have outstanding optical quality and lower optical distortion.

Longer range. Longer experiences.

The lighter weight of windshields made with Corning® Fusion5™ means EVs use less energy, and go further on each charge.


A reliable, efficient, and durable solution for your fleet.

Eliminate downtime.
Increase uptime.

Windshields made with Fusion5™ are less likely to break, meaning vehicles spend more time on the road. Less repair waste creates a more efficient and sustainable fleet.


Motortrend Review

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The windshield of the future. Manufacturing-ready today.


Corning® Fusion5™ Glass

PVB Interlayer

Inner Ply Glass


From innovation to application, Corning® Fusion5™ Glass is built with glazers in mind.

The fusion process is uniquely different to the float process used by competitors. A drop-in process makes Fusion5™ easy for glazers to adapt and produce as there are no additional materials or infrastructure needed.

When incorporated into automotive glazing, Corning® Fusion5™ Glass forms the outermost “ply” – effectively reducing weight, increasing durability, and improving optical performance.


How we test Corning® Fusion5™


Join us on our journey.

The future of driving awaits.

For OEMs exploring the promise of autonomous driving, Corning Fusion5™ Glass is the only windshield technology. Learn more by clicking the link below, or call at 607-974-1439.