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Corning wins display industry award for auto glass design and technology

Corning wins display industry award for auto glass design and technology

As automakers design auto interiors that are cool, connected, and curved, one thing is clear: display systems have to keep up with advancing technologies. That’s where Corning’s Automotive Glass Solutions business comes in, and the industry is taking notice.

The Society for Information Display (SID) recently named Corning’s AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass with ColdForm™ Technology a Display Component of the Year – a recognition of 2020’s most significant technological advances in displays. The Display Industry Awards highlight innovations that have advanced display technology and enhanced user experiences.

“After years of using handheld devices, we know consumers have come to expect displays to be durable with a smooth-touch feel that allows accurate finger swiping, touching and tapping,” said Mike Kunigonis, vice president and general manager, Corning Automotive Glass Solutions. “Auto customers want to replicate this experience evolving the auto interior use-case. This is why we created AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass for 3D Interiors, which uses our patented ColdForm™ Technology.”

AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass is used in interior vehicle displays and enables a variety of designs while eliminating the need for plastic anti-splinter films. It's engineered to help display modules pass industry reliability tests while providing a sophisticated experience for users. With automotive designers extending displays across dashboards in new sizes and curved configurations, Corning can transfer the benefits from AutoGrade glass to curved display areas using Corning® ColdForm™ Technology.

“Our ColdForm™ Technology enables the glass to be bent at room temperature as a final manufacturing step,” said Fabio Salgado, commercial director, Auto Interiors. “This means the glass travels through the manufacturing process, such as chemical strengthening, coating application, and printing, in a flat state before being curved at the end, which can give us an economical advantage. Completing these process steps on a flat piece of glass can cut down on processing time and costs, as machines can accommodate more parts and coatings are applied more uniformly.”

Corning joins companies like Merck, Intel, Sharp, and Nanosys on the prestigious list of past winners, in addition to award winners from its own product families, like Corning Iris™ Glass in 2016 and Corning® EAGLE XG® Glass in 2007.

“We are delighted to award Corning a Display Component of the Year Award for its AutoGrade™ Corning Gorilla Glass with Corning® ColdForm™ Technology,” said Wei Chen, SID’s Display Industry Awards Committee chairman. “The Display Industry Awards are SID’s highest honor, presented to recognize the best display products or applications introduced to the market during the previous calendar year. On behalf of SID, we would like to commend Corning’s ongoing commitment to innovation and to helping shape the future of display performance and solutions.”