Screen Protectors


Corning has specifically designed glass compositions for screen protectors that provide improved scratch resistance and drop protection compared to existing glasses on the market.

Accessory Glass by Corning™

Up to 2x better scratch performance**
Up to 25% reduction in scratch visibility

    • Premium Clear

    • OtterBox Alpha Glass
    • Glass Screen Protector Made with Accessory Glass 2 by Corning

Durable Glass by Corning™

Survive drops up to 3ft*
Up to 3x better scratch performance**

    • OtterBox Alpha Glass

Engineered by Corning®

Specalized line of screen protectors created in Corning's labs
Designed for the ultimate screen protector experience

    • OtterBox Amplify Glass
    • OtterBox Amplify Glass Glare Guard

* Based on testing in Corning labs. Actual results may vary
** Compared to other screen protector glasses. Actual results may vary