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Corning® FLORA® Substrates

Corning® FLORA® Substrates

Corning® FLORA® Substrates

Next-generation substrates reduce toxic emissions at vehicle engine start

Corning® FLORA® Substrates turn up the heat on cold-start emissions

The first 30 seconds after a vehicle starts are critical when it comes to emissions. In gasoline vehicles, that narrow window of time can account for 70 percent of the total regulated emissions that come out of a vehicle’s tail pipe. Addressing these “cold-start” emissions allow vehicle makers to comply with strict given and future emissions control regulations.

FLORA® substrates are the perfect solution for the cold-start emissions challenge. Through a unique material design that significantly reduces mass, FLORA ceramic substrates can reach operating temperature more quickly than our standard Corning® Celcor® substrates. Discover Corning's newest substrate innovation in over 50 years of ceramic materials science and process expertise.


  • Excellent time to light-off performance to meet stringent HC emissions requirements
  • Designed to facilitate on-wall coating to help maximize catalytic performance
  • Can lower system cost by reducing precious metal use
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Applications

  • Close-coupled for light-duty gasoline systems
  • DOC and LNT for light-duty diesel systems