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Corning® DuraTrap® Heavy-Duty Filters

Corning® DuraTrap® Heavy-Duty Filters

Setting the Standard for Clean Diesel

Diesel Emissions Control Expertise for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Diesel Emissions Control Expertise for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Corning’s broad portfolio of heavy-duty diesel particulate filters can help meet even the most challenging diesel emissions standards. A proven solution, Corning’s filters have been used in millions of vehicles.

An innovative, monolithic design is the hallmark of our product family and Corning® DuraTrap® Filters offer several additional advantages:


  • Best-in-class technical expertise from the company that pioneered emissions control systems worldwide 
  • Extensive product range to address tightening global standards 
  • Portfolio and attributes enable a wide range of aftertreatment engineering solutions 
  • Innovative monolithic structure optimizes space utilization

Design Characteristics

Corning DuraTrap AT and AC filters are designed for the highest level of performance.


  • Controlled porosity and mean pore size, in addition to thinwall product options, enable high filtration efficiency
  • Low expansion and low thermal conductivity provide excellent regeneration performance as well as long-term durability
  • Pressure drop performance is enhanced by tailored filter geometry and microstructure attributes
  • Large frontal area (LFA) options can improve performance by lowering back pressure and increasing geometric surface area
  • Corning’s innovative asymmetric cell technology (ACT) provides ash storage benefits and can help manage lifetime pressure drop requirements

DuraTrap® AC and AT Filter Product Attributes

DuraTrap® Filters Features

The charts and graphs used in this publication are based on data from experimental and limited tests conducted under controlled laboratory conditions, measurements, and calculations sponsored by Corning. Corning can provide additional calculations or test results based on specific operating conditions.