Foldable Glass

Is the Future Foldable?

Foldable devices have received much attention over the past year, as manufacturers introduce potential new form factors and large displays for smartphones and devices.

The current plastic based solutions have fundamental challenges around optics, scratch and warp. We believe glass will be a key component of the ultimate cover solution. That said, we also know today’s glass solutions still need to be improved.

Corning is currently working on developing an ultra-thin, durable and optically advantaged glass solution for the inside cover of a continuous display that can bend at a tight radius hundreds of thousands of times without significant damage at the fold. We are working with our customers on this challenge and are currently sampling our development glass with them to optimize the product for their design requirements.

Corning has a long history of innovating our processes over time for new applications and we continue to leverage and advance our existing technology and manufacturing processes for the development of our ultra-thin, bendable glass. Our long history and learnings in optical fiber, display glass, and strengthened cover glass have given us deep insight into the challenges and potential solutions for our ultra-thin bendable glass solutions.