Doug Allan

Research Fellow Doug Allan has Devoted Nearly 40 Years to “Understanding Nature’s Hidden Secrets”

Learn more about his diverse career and how insights derived from his work have helped set the direction for a variety of new glass compositions. 

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Charlene Smith

Lively exchange on tough problems “qualifies as a good day at work”

Corporate research fellow, Charlene Smith shares insights from her groundbreaking career and the importance of collaboration to solve tough problems. 

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Scott Bickham

Philosophy of Balance

Learn more from Scott about his work in optical communications and how a work-life balance is a pillar of career success and fulfillment. 

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Patrick Tepesch

“Every day I get to learn”

Learn from Patrick about his career in ceramic based research and his personal commitment to sustainability. 

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Steve Burdette

A Quest for Knowledge

Learn more from Steve about his ongoing journey for knowledge in key subjects including mathematical modeling, glass forming, heat transfer, and more.

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Dr. George Beall

A 54-year veteran of Corning, Dr. Beall has been granted more than 100 U.S. patents throughout his career, and was the first Corning employee to achieve this milestone.

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Dr. Dan Nolan

A 42-year veteran of the company, Dr. Nolan has worked on a variety of technologies during his tenure at Corning including all aspects of optical fibers.

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