2023/2024 Glass Age Scholar

Glass Age Scholar: Empowering a New and Comprehensive View of Glass Research

Glass Age Scholar: Empowering a New and Comprehensive View of Glass Research

2023/2024 Glass Age Scholar – Nedgine Joseph, Rutgers University

Corning is vital to progress – in the industries we shape and in the world we share. As an industry leading materials science company our deep, long-standing commitment to research, development, and engineering (RD&E) — coupled with some of the world’s best technical talent, and a passion for what we do sets us apart from other organizations.

Part of our commitment to RD&E includes ongoing collaborations with glass scientists and students at academic institutions all around the world. Each year, Corning invites graduate students to apply for its Glass Age Scholarship, which involves financial support and a year-long collaboration with one or more scientists from Corning, who mentor the recognized student as he/she conducts their graduate research with their university academic advisor. 

This year’s Glass Age Scholar is Nedgine Joseph, a doctorate student at Rutgers University, studying Materials Science and Engineering. 

“The Glass Age Scholar program at Corning appealed to me because of the unparalleled opportunity to learn from some of the world's leading glass experts. Corning's continuous innovation and breakthroughs in glass science are truly inspiring,” said Nedgine.  

During her time as a Glass Age Scholar, Nedgine was mentored by two of our glass experts, Dr. Randy Youngman, Research Fellow and Dr. Charlene Smith, Corporate Fellow who provided guidance on her research work, which investigates how varying the glass composition affects the solubility and incorporation of fluoride within the alkali aluminoborosilicate glass structure.

“Their mentorship has been instrumental in shaping my research approach. They instilled in me the importance of critical thinking and a data-driven methodology,” said Nedgine. “They emphasize extracting every possible insight from each characterization technique, allowing the data itself to guide my understanding and tell the scientific story. This approach has empowered me to see the bigger picture and form a comprehensive view of my research.”  

The goal of the scholarship is to encourage students studying glass science to begin to conduct work in the areas most important to the technical glass industry. By doing so, students will gain a solid foundation to prepare for a future career in industrial glass research, product or/process development, or manufacturing.

“Corning’s Glass Age Scholar program is one of the key initiatives in supporting our ongoing university collaborations and helping to build our talent-pipeline,” said Jeff Kohli, Director, Glass Research, Corning, and Glass Age Scholarship Champion. “This program provides a direct connection between students and industry, which enables students to gain hands-on learning experience prior to graduation and gives Corning enhanced visibility to specific research programs at leading universities.”