Corning Glass for Advanced Windows

More than a View

More than a View

The windows of the future will provide so much more than a view. They will better maintain internal temperatures, minimize noise from outside, and provide safety and security from storms and home invasion. They will even be enhanced with connected technology that enables you to dim the window through voice command or an app on your phone, controlling glare, privacy, and incoming light.

One thing this new generation of windows will have in common: many will need innovative glass solutions to achieve these impressive capabilities. 

When paired with traditional window glass, Corning’s thin, lightweight glass enables high-performance, lighter, sleeker windows in a slimmer footprint.

Introducing Corning Glass for Advanced Windows, a family of thin, lightweight glass technologies and process innovations for windows.



Corning® ATG™

Corning® ATGcan be integrated into window designs in place of a standard pane of soda lime glass to enable advanced performance at a lighter weight and a smaller footprint. At less than a millimeter thick, ATG is much slimmer than conventional soda lime glass for highly tailored architectural designs.

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Corning® Thin Line™

Corning® Thin Line is an insulated glass unit (IGU) production line that enables an efficient, high quality, and cost-effective path to thin triple Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) manufacturing, including IGUs featuring Corning ATG. Corning Thin Line can also produce double glazing units, traditional thick triples, quadruple panes, and more than a dozen glass shapes commonly used in the windows industry.

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