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Enhance accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity with ELISA microplates from Corning.

Corning® ELISA microplates are ideal for biochemical and cell-based assays designed to identify and quantify protein species. ELISA products are used in a wide range of immunodiagnostic and DNA-based diagnostic test kits. They may also be used for cell-based ELISAs, an immunocytochemistry method to quantify target protein or post-translational modifications of the target protein in cultured cells.

Corning is a leader in manufacturing high-quality, high-performance ELISA microplates and 1 x 8  Stripwell™ microplates for in vitro diagnostic assays. Our ELISA microplates have superior lot-to-lot and intra-well consistency for reproducible and reliable results. ELISA microplates enable a common laboratory procedure to be carried out on multiple samples simultaneously. Popular formats include 8-well strips, 96-well microplates and 384-well microplates.

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