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We're creating world-class clean-air technologies for mobile and stationary applications that help make life, and the air we breathe, better for everyone.

Enabling the World to Breathe Easier with Environmental Technologies

Enabling the World to Breathe Easier

Our first foray into environmental clean-air technologies began when we invented the cellular ceramic substrate more than four decades ago, in order to help automakers meet U.S. Clean Air Act regulations. Today, we are as committed as ever to researching, developing, and engineering environmental technologies and products that improve the quality of the air we breathe.

We create ceramic substrates and particulate filters that form the core of world-class pollution control systems and clean-air technologies for mobile applications – from light-duty passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, and construction equipment. These systems deliver consistent, reliable, and durable performance under demanding conditions. Backed by a global network of service, engineering, and manufacturing facilities, we provide the quality products, market understanding, and dependable supply to help customers meet or exceed environmental regulations.


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