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The Office of Racial Equality & Social Unity



We facilitate equity and access in educational pursuits, in employment opportunity and in physical and mental safety for groups that have been institutionally disadvantaged at work and in society and at pivotal points in their lives.


The tragedies occurring across communities of color show us that our work as a society is just beginning. Everyone has a role to play in achieving racial equality and social unity.

We resolve that Corning will be a place where each of us is empowered to bring our whole selves to work.

Outside Corning, we will serve as leaders and collaborators in the places we call home, using our scale to develop partnerships that advance school diversity, community activism and economic growth -- programs that deliver meaningful multi- generational benefits, particularly in communities of color.

We will amplify issues of national concern when our voices make a difference.

Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the actions we take - to ensure we are driving change and sustainable progress where it's needed most across our cities, our states, and our nation.
Wendell Weeks
Chairman and CEO of Corning

ORESU Leadership

  • Lewis Steverson | Executive Vice President & Chief Legal & Administrative Officer
    Lewis leads and coordinates ORESU through the Office of the CEO, working directly with other ORESU leaders to provide oversight that ensures accountability and positive momentum.
  • Dana Moss | Division Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer
    Dana provides strategic direction and execution of the Diversity and Inclusion programs at Corning that makes our company a place of equity and impact our ability to attract, hire, develop, and retain diverse employees.
  • Millicent Ruffin | Director, Community Affairs
    Millicent focuses on ways Corning can influence change at the state and local levels, both in the United States and their equivalents in Corning communities outside the U.S.
  • Lawrence McRae | Vice Chairman & Corporate Development Officer
    Lawrence focuses on driving change to influence the broader national and international discourse on racial equality and social unity.