Dr. Yi Jiang Receives Industry Recognition from CPCIF for Advanced-Flow™ reactor Technology | Advanced-Flow™ Reactor Technology for Flow Chemistry Solutions | Corning

BEIJING, CHINA – Corning’s Dr. Yi Jiang, Innovation Officer, Corning Greater China, and Business Director, Corning Reactor Technologies, was recently recognized as one of the 2017 recipients of the, ‘Influential Leaders of China's Petroleum and Chemical Industry' award from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industrial Federation (CPCIF) and China Chemical Industry News (CCIN) during the groups’ annual award ceremony earlier this week. He was recognized for his leadership in serving the China chemical industry with Corning’s Advanced-Flow™ reactor (AFR) technology for the last seven years.

AFR technology enables the continuous processing of chemicals with a much smaller footprint and a faster reaction rate than conventional batch reactors. They also provide customers with inherently safer, more cost-effective solutions, specialized engineering support, and process expertise.

"This award means a lot to me personally. It is also a reflection of the efforts of our global AFR team who is extremely customer focused and passionate about growing this product line for Corning in China and around the globe."  - Yi Jiang

yi jiang afr award
Yi and some of the evening's other award winners were featured on a live online broadcast of the award ceremony.


Yi was one of several individuals from other companies and universities within China to be awarded with this recognition. Corning and Yi were recognized at the same event in 2015 with, “The Most Innovative Enterprises” award as well as the, “Top 10 Entrepreneur” recognitions. In 2016, Corning was awarded with, “The Most Socially Responsible Enterprises” award from the same organizations.

“To be recognized at this ceremony with other impactful leaders within China is a great reflection of the hard work the business team has put into this product line over the past decade,” Yi said. “We’re thrilled that our products are making an impact within the pharmaceutical, fine, and specialty chemical industries and that customers and industry partners see the value that an investment in AFR creates for them.”

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