Corning AFR Workshops

In recent years the chemical manufacturing industry has faced increased pressure from regulators to improve the quality and cost of products and drugs, while also implementing more rigorous safety and environmental practices. To that end, many manufacturers are considering making the switch to continuous flow manufacturing, which enables more efficient, inherently safer, and cost-effective chemical processing. However, adopting a new technology takes time and can be a costly and complex endeavor for manufacturers to undertake.

Corning has embraced this challenge and has made it our mission to provide customers with solutions that make all of this possible. We have established a global presence to continually educate customers on the advantages of flow chemistry and our Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactor (AFR) Technology.

“For us, it’s not just about selling equipment; we strive to help our customers understand the real value they will get from our technology." –Alessandra Vizza, Regional Business Director EMEA, Americas and India, Corning Reactor Technologies. 

Corning accomplishes this through a variety of activities, including presenting at trade conferences, publishing whitepapers in top scientific journals, and working closely with customers to provide engineering support through every stage of implementation. “We also take it a step further and host dedicated workshops for prospective customers at our locations in Europe and the U.S.,” Alessandra said.

Corning's advanced-flow reactor workshops highlight the fundamentals of flow chemistry and the advantages of our continuous flow reactor technologies.

“Since beginning our workshop eight years ago, we have hosted more than 250 participants from 26 countries with profiles ranging from chemists and chemical engineers to project managers and decision-makers,” Alessandra said. “Over the years we’ve adjusted the format based on participants’ feedback to ensure seminar topics address their needs and they get the most out of their time with us.”

Corning Advanced-Flow Reactor workshops are held twice annually in either Corning European Technology Center (CETC) in Fontainebleau, France, or at Nalas Engineering Services, Inc., an AFR Qualified Lab located in Centerbrook, CT.

Day one of the workshop focuses on the fundamentals of continuous flow chemistry and the advantages of Corning’s reactor products and engineering services. Day two explores the application of AFR Technology and includes a live reactor demonstration for participants to experience the technology first-hand. Interested participants also have the option to schedule a half-day course to meet one-on-one with the Corning AFR team to discuss their specific application.

 “It is truly a privilege that we have the opportunity to meet with so many customers in this field to share the benefits of our reactor technologies for their applications. It’s exciting when participants decide to adopt this technology and become ambassadors in their market segments by sharing the many benefits Corning’s flow reactors provide,” Alessandra said. “Looking forward, we’re working on our 2020 workshop sessions to share more about our latest applications cases and products.”

Participant comments:

“Very interesting, a direct view on a “futuristic” way to improve industrial chemistry in terms of environment and safety.” – A. D’Ascoli, Lundbeck; October 2019

“Corning offers a real industrial tool in the lab (scale-up from G1 to G4 is seamless) and gives appropriate support to work on technologies that enable manufacturers to overcome today’s limits from batch mode applications.” – I. Dobrosavljevic; March 2015

“Nobody else is offering this ‘how to practically go about getting started in flow chemistry’ workshop. This training had good general appeal and applicability and provided credible technical content rather than only a sales pitch.” – D. Fox; March 2012 

Learn more or register for upcoming sessions:

April 3 - 5, 2024 (Avon, France) 

May 21 - 22, 2024 (Norwich, CT) 

October 16 - 18, 2024 (Avon, France)