Advanced-Flow™ reactors make significant contribution to China's 12th Five Year Plan

China's chemical industry recognized Corning as a leading innovator and entrepreneur at its Twelfth Five-Year Plan Finale award ceremony.

Cangzhou, China -- The China Chemical Industry recently recognized Corning as a leading innovator and entrepreneur at its 12th Five-Year Plan Finale award ceremony on January 15.  Corning was honored with the “Most Innovative Company” Award, and Dr. Yi Jiang, global business director for Corning’s Advanced-Flow™ reactor (AFR) business, with the “Top 10 Entrepreneur” recognition.

Corning was one of 13 enterprises and 10 entrepreneurs honored for these two awards at the ceremony which is jointly sponsored by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (formerly “China Petroleum Ministry, China Chemical Ministry”) and China Chemical Industry News.

Yi credited the hard work of the AFR global teams in China, France and India for the recognition as well as the year-over-year revenue growth and market leadership established during the last 5 years.

“The global AFR team is extremely customer focused and passionate about growing this product line for Corning,” Yi said.  “The awards confirmed that AFR is an innovative technology for chemical and pharmaceutical processing in China.”

Li Fang, president and general manager of Corning Greater China also congratulated the AFR team on this recognition. “We are very pleased with these recognitions given by a major industry relatively new to Corning after dedicated global and regional efforts the last five years,” he said.

Consistent with the event’s title – a common theme amongst many of the award winners was their many contributions to China’s 12th Five-Year Plan which set the nation’s course for the five year period from 2011 to 2015.  The social and economic measures contained in the plan had a deep impact on the business landscape both within China and in countries that do business with China.

“Corning’s AFR technology contributed to the success of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan by creating awareness of inherently safer technology (IST), showing effective demonstrations of production scale capabilities as well as Corning’s commitment to continuous innovation and regional engineering support,” Yi said. 

In addition to its success and continued expansion in the Asian and European regions in 2015, the AFR team has recently expanded its footprint in the U.S. with the recent announcement of a strategic collaboration with Nalas Engineering in Centerbrook, Connecticut.

 “By working with Nalas, we are able to demonstrate the benefits of Corning’s AFR technology and highlight the experience of our highly-skilled chemical engineering team, while also providing existing and future customers with geographical convenience,” said Yi.  “In addition, our customers can benefit from the experience Nalas has with companies across the U.S.”