Corning Optical Communications Headquarters: Our Smart In-Building Network Solutions in action.

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Corning Optical Communications HQ: Smart In-Building Network Solution

When Corning Optical Communications was looking to build a state-of-the-art headquarters building, a fiber- and power-to-the-edge network set the stage for a smart building ready for the future.

By utilizing composite cable, fiber and power was deployed to the edge of the network, equipping the building to handle the many applications today’s workers demand.

From a single room on the first floor, more than 460 fiber runs leave the Main Distribution Frame and span the six floors. This is what Corning calls Fiber Deep, or Next-Gen LAN: taking fiber and DC power deep into the building, feeding electronics that power edge devices like cameras, printers, Wi-Fi access points, and more. All of it is run over a software-defined, software-managed solution.

The result: A universal wireless workplace built on both Wi-Fi and cellular, resulting in unparalleled connectivity for employees. This great unwiring of the office environment gives workers the flexibility to connect from any corner of the building as they go about their day.

Come inside and see how it all works!

Come inside and see how it all works!


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