Harsh Environments

Corning's Solutions for Harsh Environments

Corning's Solutions for Harsh Environments

Corning's Ruggedized Product Portfolio

Corning’s solutions for harsh environments offer the ruggedized product portfolio necessary to endure the environmental and mechanical rigors found in oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and energy/utilities infrastructures.

Considerations in outside fiber-optic cable design

Considerations in outside fiber-optic cable design

The Outside Plant network is evolving due to ever increasing bandwidth demands and the push to drive fiber deeper and deeper into the network. Because of these trends we are seeing rising demand for fiber counts greater than 1000 fibers in one cable and simultaneously the desire to pack more and more fiber into a smaller cross sectional footprint. These demands require installers and designers to leverage different cable designs to meet current network complexity.

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Distributed sensing cable in industrial environments

Distributed sensing cable in industrial environments

Imagine being able to continu¬ously, accurately, and in real-time detect small acoustic, temperature, and/or strain changes anywhere along an optical cable in the outside plant environment. And depending on the inter-rogation unit or laser source used, you could have the ability to detect various environmental events at distances from ones to tens of kilometers away, with large numbers of distributed “virtual” sensors along the path. This is possible by using optical fiber as the intrinsic sensing medium.

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Harsh Applications Solutions

Oil and Gas

In oil and gas applications, fiber optics provide more bandwidth in a smaller footprint, saving space, weight, and installation time. The monitoring reliability for equipment performance, oil reserve levels, and environmental conditions make fiber optics an attractive option.


The ability to expand when needed without interrupting the network is critical in manufacturing. Our high-density tip-to-tip solutions support moves, adds, and changes to communications systems efficiently.


Reliable communication in harsh mining environments is critical to employee safety and for meeting government requirements. Whether your mine is surface, subsurface, mineral, or metal, we have a variety of products that are crush, shock, and temperature resistant.


Railways, subways, highways, airways, and waterways all benefit from increased bandwidth, decreased footprints, and faster moves, adds, and changes which require less contractor field time. Our products improve safety by better enabling video surveillance and traffic monitoring equipment and by providing real-time data control.

Energy and Utilities

Fiber optics is playing a large role in the race to expand alternative energy sources. Wind and solar farms recognize the insulation protection fiber offers from high-voltage shocks and the advantages of long haul versus copper, and our products are ideal for this application.

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